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Skydiving>>Tandem Skydiving near Miami, FL
Tandem Skydiving in Miami Florida

Tandem Skydiving near Miami, FL

Get ready to experience the most incredibly exciting time of your life with tandem skydiving near Miami. For those who are hungry for an adrenaline rush and ready to feel the thrill of racing through the sky, wind whipping at your hair, this one-time tandem jump near Miami will satisfy that craving in safety. Experience both the thrill of dropping and the joy of soaring with this adventure!


Before taking off, a certified instructor will spend about thirty minutes showing you what to expect on the trip.... and the fall. Listen as he gives you tips to help get the most out of your skydiving near Miami. Once the briefing is completed, you will fill out any necessary forms and be fitted for your jump suit. When you’re suited up and ready to go, climb in the plane and strap in with your instructor. As the plane reaches about ten thousand feet, the pilot will give the signal to jump! Finally!


Suddenly, your dropping at almost indescribable speeds that climax at one hundred and twenty miles an hour. The adrenaline becomes infectious as you freefall while tandem skydiving near Miami. Your chute opens, and then the scenic canopy ride begins. Your sharp inhale will showcase your bliss of the view. If your instructor thinks that conditions are safe enough, you may even be able to turn flips and twists in the air as you gaze down at the gorgeous landscape. The only way to make this thrill any better is to have it professionally video taped with a video package deal. Push them out yourself or bring your friends along to watch the show!

Information to Know for
Tandem Skydiving near Miami, FL

The price of this experience is good for one (1) person.


Miami, Florida Metro Area


Jumps are made at this location year round, Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


The total experience usually lasts 2.5-3 hours. Plan to be at the dropzone for at least 1/2 a day.


Guests are welcome and may watch from the observation area as you come in for your parachute landing.


Weather can be a factor as aerial activities become too dangerous with high winds, heavy rain, fog, or other inclement weather. Vendors may open early or close later than expected due to weather and other factors.


Wear comfortable tennis shoes (sneakers), blue jeans, and casual clothes. Also bring a ponytail holder for those that have long hair. Sandals (of any kind), boots, and flip flops are not recommended to wear. You may also be provided a jumpsuit for your skydive.




230 lbs.



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