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Hunting>>Half Day Self Guided Hunting Experience for 1 near Atlanta, GA
Half Day Pheasant Hunting Experience for one near Dawsonville, GA

Half Day Self Guided Hunting Experience for 1 near Atlanta, GA

Hunters of all ages and abilities are welcome to our neck of the woods, and this member of the thrillant Hunting network is able to provide for even the physically impaired. This game preserve includes varying courses to adapt the hunt to your preferences such as hardwood courses, pasture and woodland, planted bottoms, or more natural cover. Each hunt is different and is suited to your needs. There is no shortage of Quail, Pheasant, or Chukka on the reserve, and over 650 acres of land is available to organize the hunt you would like.


For the less experienced, and for safety purposes with larger groups, we have guides and dogs available to aid you throughout the hunt. If you are more experienced, these lands are more than welcoming to your presence. Bring the family or take a business retreat for the day in the fields and we will accommodate your needs to the best of our ability. A traditional thrill and an unforgettable adventure, hunting is available for many to enjoy.

Information to Know for
Half Day Self Guided Hunting Experience for 1 near Atlanta, GA

This experience is good for one person.


Dawsonville, Georgia Metro Area.


Oct—March on Weekends Weekday hunts available with advanced booking.


3 Hours half day. Self Guided. Bring your own dog.


Guests can come however they will not be able to watch the hunts.


There will be no hunting in the rain.


Dress according to the weather. Hunters orange required.


14 years of age min.





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