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Flying Lessons>>Flight Lesson for One near Hartsville, SC
Flight Lesson for One near Hartsville, SC

Flight Lesson for One near Hartsville, SC

If you have ever wanted to fly of an airplane, or know someone who wants to, but never really had the chance before, then why not book a flying lesson and learn to fly? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you get bragging rights when you complete your first flight! You’ll be able to say that you have flown an aircraft during one of the most exhilarating experiences near Hartsville.


A Hartsville Discovery Flight is about 30 minutes of flying with a FAA certified instructor. Your adventure will start with a briefing on the basics of aviation, including the techniques and operational procedures of light aircraft flying. After the ground instruction, you will climb into the co-pilot's seat and take to the air. During the flight, you will take the controls with the help and guidance of your instructor. Once you get the hang of it, you get to fly over South Carolina while enjoying the spectacular views of the landscape below. Half an hour later you head back to the airport and the instructor lands the plane and gives you a post-flight debriefing.


Piloting an aircraft delivers an indescribable feeling; experience it today with a Discovery Flight Lesson near Hartsville. This airborne adventure delivers an unforgettable experience…you may even find yourself hooked and take it up as a new hobby. It’s also a unique gift for all occasions! So call us today and start your journey…

Information to Know for
Flight Lesson for One near Hartsville, SC

The price for this experience is good for one (1) person.


Hartsville, South Carolina Metro Area.


Flights are made year round. Weather permitting.


The total experience can last a couple hours. Plan to be at the airport for at least 1/2 a day.


This tour is not suitable for non-paying guests.


Weather can be a factor as aerial activities become too dangerous with high winds, heavy rain, fog, or other inclement weather. Vendors may open early or close later than expected due to weather and other factors.


Wear comfortable tennis shoes (sneakers), blue jeans, and casual clothes. Sandals (of any kind), boots, and flip flops are not recommended to wear.


Must be 16 yrs. old.


Approx. 250 lbs. per person.



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