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Flying Lessons>>Flight Lesson for One near Gary, IN
Flight Lesson for One near Fisher, IN

Flight Lesson for One near Gary, IN

Discover the thrill of flying a light plane during this hands-on introductory flying lesson over Indiana! After meeting your FAA certified pilot, you get to climb into the cockpit and experience the sudden surge of adrenaline as you soar thousands of feet above some of the most picturesque views near Gary.


Before all the fun and excitement begins, your instructor will brief you on the safety and procedural operations of light aircraft flying. You’ll learn how the plane flies, how to read the gauges, what each control does, among other important things. Then you will hop into the co-pilot's seat and brace yourself for takeoff. You will be provided with headphones so you can talk with your instructor and listen to the conversations between your instructor and air traffic control. Once airborne, you will be able to take the controls and experience first-hand the real sensation of flight.


We believe that once you have experienced piloting an aircraft, the flying bug will have hooked you and you’ll be coming back for more! So pick a date, book your flight and we’ll take you to the skies in a Discovery Flight near Fisher. We guarantee that it will be an awesome aerial adventure that you will never forget!

Information to Know for
Flight Lesson for One near Gary, IN

The price for this experience is good for one (1) person. Must be a U.S. Citizen


Gary, Indiana Metro Area.


Flights are made Year Round. Weather permitting.


1/2 hour flight time. 5 - 10 minute safety debriefing.


This tour is not suitable for non-paying guests.


Weather can be a factor as aerial activities become too dangerous with high winds, heavy rain, fog, or other inclement weather. Vendors may open early or close later than expected due to weather and other factors.


Wear comfortable tennis shoes (sneakers), blue jeans, and casual clothes. Sandals (of any kind), boots, and flip flops are not recommended to wear.


16 years or older


250lb. max



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Secondary Date :    

What is the secondary date for? All of the activities offered through Thrillant have a set amount of slots, per day, that can be filled. The secondary date is to give Thrillant a backup reservation in the event that your first choice was not available. If your preferred date and secondary date are not available, Thrillant will contact you to set an appropriate date for your reservation. [ Questions? ]


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