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Horseback Riding>>2 Hour Trail Ride for One near Cleveland, TN

2 Hour Trail Ride for One near Cleveland, TN

Get lost among over three hundred and fifty acres of beautiful landscape as you travel the trails carved out for you. All ages are welcome at the ranch and the knowledgeable Thrillant network staff will teach you the ropes. Once your a natural with the reigns, or if you already are, ride to your hearts content among the natural beauty of your surroundings. You’ll experience some fresh views of all types of wildlife. Turkey, wild boar, the beautiful white tailed deer, and more inhabit the lands you’ll travel though.


For something more awe-inspiring, bask in the sun and take in panoramic views from Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Absorb the expanse of the natural world from an entirely unique view of the forest.


It’s easy to become a rider, and there are choices for every type. Schedule a trail ride if your in the mood to explore the wilderness, take your child on a wild but tame pony ride, or enjoy the city slicker special and let out your inner cowboy as you learn true equestrian competitions like barrel racing or obstacle courses.


Thrillant network equestrian services are all that you make of them, and professionals will be there to help you through every step of the way.

Information to Know for
2 Hour Trail Ride for One near Cleveland, TN

This experience is good for one person.


Copperhill, Tenessee Metro Area.


This ride checks in no later than 9:00 AM and is on the trail by 9:30 AM.


Check in is one hour prior to ride so add one hour to each experience.


This tour is not suitable for non-paying guests.


You ride regardless of weather.


Dress according to weather.


8 Years old for 2 hour ride.


Max weight is 220 lbs.



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What is the secondary date for? All of the activities offered through Thrillant have a set amount of slots, per day, that can be filled. The secondary date is to give Thrillant a backup reservation in the event that your first choice was not available. If your preferred date and secondary date are not available, Thrillant will contact you to set an appropriate date for your reservation. [ Questions? ]


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